Unique collection of over 200
Boss, Ibanez and Pearl guitar effects
for sale
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!!! Unique pedals are not for sale !!!
Look at te bottom of this page for detailed information.


I've been seriously collecting Boss, Ibanez and Pearl guitar effect pedals for over 25 years.
This leaves me with a very complete (!!!) collection of over 200 vintage Boss, Ibanez and Pearl compact pedals.
Besides the stompboxes, there are vintage (analog) multi-effects, carrying cases and bags, a load of printed and digital information, piles of packaging boxes, a suitcase full of power-adapters and a lot more.

Boss CS-1
Compression Sustainer

Boss DC-2
Dimension C

Boss DM-2

Boss GE-6 Graphic

Boss SG-1
Slow Gear

Boss SP-1

Boss VB-2

Ibanez ADL

Ibanez FL-303

Ibanez OD-850

Ibanez OD9

Ibanez SS20
Session-Man II

Ibanez TK999
Tube King

Ibanez TS808
Tube Screamer
!!! PEARL collection = SOLD !!!
The Boss and Ibanez collections are still for sale.

Pearl AD-08
Analog Delay

Pearl GE-09
Graphic EQ

Pearl OC-07

Pearl OD-05
Over Drive

Pearl PE-10
Parametric EQ

Pearl SU-19
Noise Suppressor

Pearl TH-20

For sale

I'm now putting the whole collection for sale.

By buying this collection you get direct access to all of the guitar-sounds of the past century (which - as we all know by now - are way better than the modern digital sounds).
It's not a dream: the effects in this collection based the sound of Hendrix, Gilmore, Vaughan, Page, Frusciante, Vai, The Edge, Clapton, May, Zappa, Townsend, Green, Blackmore, Satriani, Van Halen, Slash, Knopfler, Beck, Kravitz, Buckethead, Moore, Petrucci and Mayer.
They all used them! Those alive still use them!
Every sound in the top-2000: it's yours!

I know the other collectors and I've been around on the internet: this collection is rather unique. Find more (specific) information about the collection at the top of the individual pages.

If you have any questions or if you are interested, you can contact me by sending an e-mail.

Additional information

  • I will not sell individual effects (yes I know: right there is the one-and-only effect you've been trying to find for a decade but still I won't). A "split-in-three" (Boss / Ibanez / Pearl) I would consider but I prefer to sell the complete collection.
  • If you find a "No Image" thumbnail: I have the effect, I just could not take a picture because it's in my own stage-setup right no.
  • All boxes on this website are empty (box only).
  • I'm located in the Netherlands.
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